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Canadian Nurse Practitioner Exam (CNPE): Family All Ages

Statistical Reports


Canadian universities may be able to purchase annual reports for the CNPE: Family All Ages. To be eligible, the NP education program must:

  • be approved or recognized by a Canadian regulatory body for the purpose of writing the CNPE: Family All Ages; and
  • graduate at least 10 CNPE: Family All Ages writers per year.







The fee for a 2016 CNPE Statistical Report is $500. To purchase a report, please contact ASI at:


Assessment Strategies Inc

1400 Blair Place, Suite 210

Ottawa, Ontario K1J 9B8


Phone: (613) 237-0241 / Fax: (613) 237-6684





Statistics are reported in aggregate and do not include any information about individual graduates. Comparisons of your graduates against writers educated elsewhere in Canada or internationally do not reveal the jurisdictions or universities from which those other writers originated.







Below is a summary of the type of statistics that may be reported.


Overview Statistics

  • Number of writers and pass rate from the university program compared to an aggregate total of writers educated elsewhere in Canada and in other countries.
  • Overall percentage score for first-time writers from the university program compared to those educate elsewhere in Canada.


Statistics According to Exam Blueprint

  • Percentage scores according to the blueprint categories, reported for first-time writers. Includes comparisons between writers from the university program and those educated elsewhere in Canada. Blueprint categories are:
  • taxonomy - knowledge/comprehension, application, and critical thinking
  • competency categories - professional role, responsibility, and accountability; health assessment and diagnosis; therapeutic management; health promotion
  • type of client - individual, family, groups / populations / communities
  • client age category - preconception to less than one year, 1-12 years, 13-18 years, etc.




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